Wimbotsham bike show the best yet

Fenman Classic Bike Show at Wimbotsham ANL-160829-193606009
Fenman Classic Bike Show at Wimbotsham ANL-160829-193606009

The sun shone down on the classic bike show in Wimbotsham but only barely did it avoid the rain that has plagued the event in recent years.

This year’s bank holiday Monday winner of Best in Show was a 1923 BSA 350 Model L, belonging to Michael Bonniface, from Shouldham Thorpe

The bike show has gone from strength to strength. Organiser Stuart Cooper said that this year’s show had probably been the best so far, with 3,500 people making their way through the gates to view the 189 motorcycles on display.

This makes the Fenman Classic Bike one of the largest bike shows in the Norfolk region, as well as being one of the few held in the heart of its community.

The great contributing factor to success of the Fenman Classic Bike Show has been this location.

When the event was first started in 1989, the councils and residents were worried of allowing a bike show into the village, worried about a possible bunch of marauding bikers plaguing their streets.

However, the preconception could not have been more wrong, with the organisers delivering a family-friendly event that has continued to support local charities.

The total raised this year has been estimated between £7,000 to £8,000, all of which has been given to an assortment of local charities and organisations.

This sum is at least 14 times more than the amount first raised 27 years ago, profits which had only come as a pleasant surprise.

The original organisation of event was ordained for the hobbyist but the admissions exceeded expectations.

The whole event is organised by a volunteer committee of 16, but Mr Cooper confided that the amount of work can be straying for the small group for such a large event, and they are always looking for extra volunteers willing to help out.

For supporters who are interested they can contact the organisers at www.classicfenman.co.uk.