Woman from King’s Lynn handed six-month ban for drink-driving

The crest above the entrance to King's Lynn Court in College Lane. ENGANL00120120910143711
The crest above the entrance to King's Lynn Court in College Lane. ENGANL00120120910143711

A 37-year-old woman from Lynn has been given a driving ban after what magistrates called an “off the scale” drink-driving incident.

The woman pleaded guilty to two charges – that she had driven a motor vehicle whilst over the legal alcohol limit, and that she had subsequently left her young child alone at her house.

The case was heard at Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court where magistrates imposed an order preventing any details revealing the child’s identity from being published.

The woman will be sentenced for the charges at a later date, but was handed a six-month driving ban in the mean time.

The court heard that the woman had driven to a Tesco Express on an evening to buy a lighter and subsequently a worker from the supermarket had alerted the police to the woman’s state after seeing her return to the driver’s seat of the car after she left the shop.

Police took her to Lynn’s Investigation Centre, at Saddlebow, where she was found to have 152 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millimetres of breath – meaning that she was four times over the legal limit of 35.

The court was told that the woman had described herself as a “four or five out of 10” in terms of intoxication.

It was at this point that she told police that she had left her child at home asleep.

The court heard that police immediately went to the address to find the child unharmed.

Andrew Nickerson, prosecuting, told the court: “This is the third highest measurement of drink-driving that I have ever seen.”

The defence told the court that the woman had been celebrating family members’ birthdays on the weekend on which the incident occurred and that her partner had been close by to the house at the time of the alleged neglect.

They added that there had been a “significant amount of turmoil” in her life leading up to this incident, including ill health.

The court was told that the woman had only planned on being away from her child for a short period of time, and that as the child’s father was a matter of moments away, the effects of the alleged neglect would have been lessened.

The magistrate said that both the offences had passed the “sentencing threshold” meaning jail was a possibility but asked for a probation report to be prepared.