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Woman from Wereham on a mission to save a poorly pooch in Romania

Pixie the dog
Pixie the dog

A woman from Wereham is staging an art installation in Lynn town centre to raise money for a poorly pooch.

Button Wilde, 44, is organising a Hugging Day outside Primark later this month to raise money to support Pixie’s medical costs.

Button Wilde
Button Wilde

Pixie, who is currently receiving treatment in a vet clinic in Romania, was found wandering the streets malnourished and with a severe skin condition.

Ms Wilde said: “Poor Pixie is a one-year-old dog who has never known kindness from a human or other dogs. Sadly, they all picked on her.

“I can’t hug Pixie but I can raise funds for her, and so I thought I’d do a Hugging Day.

“I’m a qualified psychotherapist and know the neurological benefits of receiving a hug.

“It cost nothing and may help to make someone feel cared for. I plan to take a bucket for donations and hang around Primark offering people hugs.”

The poorly pooch was allegedly taken by dog catchers in Danyflor, Romania, where she developed a severe skin condition after temperatures dropped to almost -17 degrees.

Ms Wilde added: “Pixie has had a terrible start in life, she is a scared and broken dog.

“She is so afraid of the other dogs that she spends her time hidden.

“She is clearly malnourished and with a skin condition deteriorating, without help this gorgeous, afraid little girl would have died.

“Your money will go towards all her vet bills, including treatment for her skin condition and being spayed.

“Once healthy, she will go to a foster who will help to build her trust and teach her that life and people can be kind.

“Eventually she will be seeking a new forever home and what funds remain will provide transport for Pixie’s new life.”

With an aim to raise £1,000 to support Pixie’s medical costs, Ms Wilde will be offering hugs outside Primark on March 31. Visit her JustGiving page via https://goo.gl/CYRMUZ

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