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Woman's appeal for witnesses after ‘hit-and-run’ incident at King's Lynn roundabout

A woman is appealing for witnesses after an alleged hit-and-run at the Southgates roundabout in Lynn at the weekend.

Heather Miller, of Setch, said she and an elderly friend were in a car being driven by her husband Kevin Brittain when the incident happened at about 4.40pm on Saturday.

Ms Miller said their Nissan Almera had started moving on to the roundabout from the A148 Nar Ouse Way approach, when another vehicle coming from their right – from the direction of Hardwick Road – hit them on the driver’s side.

Southgates Roundabout in King's Lynn.
Southgates Roundabout in King's Lynn.

She added: “We had an elderly lady passenger that was very shaken and has a few bruises.”

Ms Miller and Mr Brittain also suffered some aches and pains following the collision.

Initially the group thought the other vehicle, which was dark silver or grey, had slowed down to stop, but Ms Miller said it then continued on to Wisbech Road where they lost the vehicle.

She described the driver as a woman in her late 20s or early 30s with blonde hair, and it is believed she had a child in the car as well.

Ms Miller believes the vehicle may have either gone through a red light, or just before it changed to red, and driven across their path.

She said their vehicle was in the middle lane while a First XL bus was in the left lane and a white car on their right.

“Because the white car was bigger than us, it saw her coming and stopped, but we kept going,” she added.

Ms Miller believes while they were unlucky, the other driver was fortunate as she did not hit the bus and the bus did not hit her, which could have had a worse outcome.

Although they believe their car will be written off, due to the extent of the damage costing more to fix than the car is worth, that is not their main concern.

“We were more cross that the woman drove off,” Ms Miller added.

She said she and her husband only tend to use their car at weekends as, during the week, he travels in his van for work.

After the accident, they reported it at the police station in Lynn, and they were told that there is CCTV of the roundabout, but there is a chance it could have been focused on another part of the Southgates at the time.

They also spoke with bus staff who said that there should be footage of the incident from the bus as well.

“It would be better for the lady concerned to come forward as it is a hit-and-run and if she is found she will obviously be in more trouble than if she had stopped.”

“We are hoping if she sees about this, she might come forward.”

If you witnessed the collision, or have any information regarding it, contact police on 101 or visit www.norfolk.police.uk/contact-us/report-something/report-road-traffic-collision

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