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World record for Clenchwarton gamer after '2,000 hours' of practice

Hundreds of hours of practice has resulted in a West Norfolk gamer breaking a global world record.

Jordan Locke, 28, completed the Dead Space Speedrun video game in two hours, 24 minutes on his Xbox 360.

This time has catapulted the Clenchwarton gamer to the top of a global leaderboard which includes competitors from the United States, Russia, Australia, Germany, Colombia and Canada.

Jordan Locke, 28, a gamer from Clenchwarton. Picture: SUBMITTED (39805271)
Jordan Locke, 28, a gamer from Clenchwarton. Picture: SUBMITTED (39805271)

Mr Locke, who started gaming when he was around 10-years-old, said breaking the record took him 2,000 hours to master.

He said: "In the world of gaming, my records are legendary. I have had people saying 'I am going to beat your world record' but then they do one run and give up.

"You have got to have dedication and motivation as it is not like other speed runs."

The single-player game has been described as a "movie series" and "personal survival horror game".

Another gamer, whose username is ‘Mattmatt’, said: “Jordan came out of nowhere a few years ago and managed to blow the previous record out of the water within no time.

“The guy is an absolute legend when it comes to Dead Space One and is probably the best player at the game.”

Further praise came from an Australian gamer, who goes by the username of Looney on Dead Space. He said: "Well, nobody else can even get close to him [Jordan] at the moment. He plays on the Xbox360 and even though hes competing with people playing on PC who get faster load times he still just outskills everyone and ends up multiple minutes ahead of the other runners."

Mr Locke has his own YouTube channel in which he livestreams his speedruns as well as making tutorial videos.

He added: "When I was a kid I used to watch people playing the game then beat them. I was at college on the Jobseeker's Allowance for two years and basically started playing games and wanted to beat all the achievements in the games."

The gamer now works as a chef for the Honeystone pub in Hunstanton. The Clenchwarton resident said the head chef at the pub shares his love of gaming.

“I do not see it as a form of escapism,” Mr Locke continued. “I just play it because I really enjoy the games.

“ I would really like to become an eSports contender. It is the only type of sport I like to watch.”

Competitive video gaming is expected to be part of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) reportedly considering adding “eSports” in an attempt to attract younger viewers.

Esports generated £400m in revenue in 2016, has a global audience of about 320 million according to BBC Sport.

To view Mr Locke’s world record time go to www.speedrun.com/ds1where you can find his username ‘TheBritishRunner’.

The times recorded are verified online to ensure gamers are not cheating.

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