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Yeast from human waste forms stalactites on local shop

By Eve Tawfick

Downham suffered several unfortunate floods last month, thanks to the drains underneath the centre of town being blocked.

The dental practice on the high-street and another shop in the centre of town were hit by waves of human waste.

Residents in the flats next to the dental practice and those who worked in the building had to wade through excrement that was several inches deep.

According to Anglian Water, who have 40,000 calls for blockages every year, this is down to the flushing of 'unflushables.'

David Hartley of Anglian Water told the Lynn News: "People are flushing things down the toilet that aren't meant to be there.

"Things like cooking oil, baby wipes and cotton buds.

"This costs us £19 million a year to fix.

"We've started a campaign to educate people about what to put down their toilets- it's called the Keep it Clear campaign."

A local from Downham sent in a video of stalactites forming from the yeast found in urine- on the windowsill of a local shop during the week it was flooded.

To learn about "unflushables" visit: Anglian Water's website

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