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Letter: Anthony Digby April 20,2018

London Road, Lynn, one in, two out? What a joke!

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Letter: Brian Baylis April 20, 2018

I passed my driving test back in 1975 and have been involved in just one crash ten years ago caused by an impatient driver.

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London Road.

Letter: Desmond Waite April 20, 2018

I refer to the Lynn News report last Friday about the decision to remove the traffic lights at Valinger’s Road junction with London Road, Lynn.

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Letter: Jo Rust April 20, 2018

I’m bemused that Mr Wheatley associated the drink a person enjoys with their political credentials.

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Letter: Steve Mackinder April 17, 2018

Reluctant as I am to join the throng of miserable ranters banging their respective political drums, I feel compelled to respond to Jo Rust’s indignant response to my letter regarding her efforts to rehome the rough sleepers.

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Reader's letter

Letter: Malcolm Cox April 17, 2018

A fine couple of tours de force by Rebecca Elliot and David Holland (March 30) left my head spinning, so much precision. Well done to both, say we old geezers.

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Dog fouling sign.

Letter: Jane Moore April 13, 2018

On Sunday around 9.30am my husband and I were walking our dogs along the cycle and footpath between the river and Palm Paper.

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Enoch Powell.

Letter: David Fleming April 13, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018, marks the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s famous/infamous Rivers of Blood speech at Birmingham Conservative Political Centre.

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England flag

Letter: Derek Batterbee April 13, 2018

What a good letter from Steve Lund -Beck. My wife and myself are going on holiday to Rome soon for our wedding anniversary.

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Lynn town centre High Street.

Letter: K Thompson April 13, 2018

I have just read the headline on Tuesday’s Lynn News on how the borough council wants to increase footfall in Lynn. Surely this must be a late April Fool’s joke?

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Letter: Edward Wheatley April 10, 2018

It seems unfair that Mr Mackinder accuses Mrs Jo Rust of offering no solutions to the housing problem while offering none himself.

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GV of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital , King's Lynn.

Letter: Richard English April 10 2018

QEH end of year deficit to be £20 million! Now there is a shocker but is this partly due to the way the NHS has to jiggle finances I wonder.

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The King's Lynn Baptist Church, South Lynn

Letter: Alexandra Kemp April 3, 2018

As the only Independent Labour county councillor, and the only councillor not in a political group at County Hall, I spoke and vote against the recent 11% increase in members’ allowances.

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Letter: Brian Baylis April 3, 2018

The front page headlines of Tuesday’s Lynn News made me laugh. We have to have a hole lot more patience for the repair of what must be millions of potholes on our roads and not just in Norfolk.

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A Vulcan - one of the RAF's 'V Bombers' and now in private ownership flies close to King's Lynn over the river.

Letter: Charlotte Dimond April 3, 2018

Members of the public are being given the opportunity to have their name added to the wings of the iconic Vulcan XH558, as part of celebrations to commemorate the 25th anniversary of XH558’s final RAF Flight in 1993.

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Mintlyn Crematorium open day

Letter: Name and address supplied March 30, 2018

Please can someone in authority explain to me why the crematorium is not in use on a Saturday or a Sunday, especially during the winter months, or evenings?

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Love West Norfolk Campaign Launch at the King's Lynn Custom House and Bank House

Letter: Felicity Ling March 30, 2018

The promotion Love West Norfolk extolls the natural beauty of the coast, the monuments, the history but perhaps what is being missed out is one of the most important aspects of where one lives – the people.

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Letter: Steve Mackinder March 30, 2018

Here we go again, Ms Rust writes long and eloquently about the problem of homelessness in Lynn and, true to political form, managed to blame it all on the Tories.

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Letter: David Holland March 30, 2018

Letter: David Holland March 30, 2018

Norfolk’s population includes a relatively high proportion of pensioners, of which I am one, but I don’t feel we get a fair deal.

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Josh Peach is running GEAR to raise money for Young Minds

Young man from King’s Lynn raises money for Young Minds

An 18-year-old from Lynn is running the Grand East Anglia Run (GEAR) 10K to raise money for a mental health and wellbeing charity.

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