Action must be taken so that listed building is not neglected

I am so pleased that Lynn News Tuesday columnist Purfleet is supporting the Civic Society's concern about Purfleet House.

I simply do not understand why the local authority is being so slow in taking action against the owner for neglecting this important listed building over so many years.

The enforcement legislation is in place and straightforward to implement.

While Mr Gawn thinks it might be nice eventually to house a restaurant, bar and "accommodation" in the building (yet another restaurant in Lynn?) should he not urgently repair and reinstate the interior of his crumbling property.

The guts of Purfleet House have been ripped out and mostly left lying in the yard.

The stairs have gone; the panelling and moulding are in a damaged state. Alterations and removals of features from listed buildings require listed building planning consent.

I cannot recall any application.

At least the pigeons are happy and continue to breed while the house rots on.

Neil Rhind,

23b Queen Street, Lynn