Barbara Roberts, January 16, 2015

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I am writing to the Lynn News, which I enjoy reading, to say that the letter from a gentleman underlined Wildlife, on January 9, was very wrong.

I have lived here in Wereham for 83 years. Billy the seal is in Wereham’s history. He was brought here by a Mr Luddington, from Hunstanton, in 1931-2, who found him sick and injured. He had a special float made so Billy could make his way across the popnd to enjoy his regular drink of beer.

I have cuttings out of the Lynn News in 1976 showing a postcard saying Greetings from Billy the Seal, Wereham.

My mother-in-law, who lived next door, had Billy sitting on her hearth then going to the pond but coming over the road from the George and Dragon he got an ifection from tar and died within a year. Where Mr Melton got his information was wrong.

In 1969 my daughter did a history of Wereham and it is in there as lots of this history is on our lovely little village.

On our village sign, which is not far from my cottage, is Billy the seal and visitors, of whom we get plenty, always admire and take photographs of it.

I enjoy reading the Lynn News and have lots of cuttings The conduit water comes from a spring in our garden. The monument was built by a villager and Quaker, Abrahan Sewell, whose niece Anna Sewell wrote the well-known novel Black Beauty. The spring has served the village for 150 years.

Perhaps Mr Dick Melton would like to visit Wereham and see it for himself. It has been very much seen by thousands as we have a holiday home near here and ten people stay and are very interested viewing this history. I tell them all about Billy. I hope this is of interest to people.

Barbara Roberts

Pond View