Chaos at fire drill

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On Thursday of last week, I attempted to deliver a letter to the council offices of West Norfolk council and had the most frightening experience.

As we neared the building there came a rush of people from council offices; they totally ignored the traffic on the road forcing us to stop. It reminded me of one of those African nature films where herds of wildebeest are trying to cross a fast-flowing river. (I should make it clear that I am not comparing the workers to wildebeest)

I presume there was a fire drill in progress. Now I am all for Health and Safety, especially the essential fire drills BUT whoever organises the fire drills has scant regard for the safety of the workers in the building because some of them forced their way across the road ignoring the traffic, others dithered on the pavement then went in the road, then back again, absolute madness.

Whoever is the West Norfolk Council safety officer for the building MUST consider the safety of their workers (there are few enough of them left after the cuts) and us drivers.

May I suggest that they introduce, at once, proper traffic control measures before someone is hurt, it really is not rocket science?

Richard C English,

Gaywood Road, Lynn