Letter: A Bell, January 9, 2015

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This is not the normal gripe about the access (or lack of it) in and around the car parks on the Hardwick Site (although very little has changed on that front). It’s enough having to deal with staggered junctions on the thoroughfares on the Tesco park but can someone please tell me when the ferns and bushes that have been planted for visual effect are going to get their first prune.

The car park design is bad enough as it is, without having to peer through foliage when making a right turn

Surely Tesco and Dobbies could afford a pair of shears between them and I will gladly trim them back if their budget will not run to that.

Just so Mr Sainsbury does not feel left out, the blind spots on the pedestrian crossings and delivery drivers / taxis parking in front of the store are both accidents waiting to happen.

Mr A Bell,

Hazel Close, Grimston