Letter: A Walker, January 9, 2015

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As a resident living in West Lynn, I, like many others living up the ferry end of the village, were delighted to learn earlier in the year that the river bank was going to be raised.

This length of bank from the ferry steps drops down at least a metre for several metres until it goes back up to the same height as the rest of the bank. People in the area have been told that the bank had been left low so as not to spoil the view of a few houses.

For years we have been concerned that on a high tide the water would come over this part of the bank. The Environmental Agency said this would never happen, but the last big tidal surge, it nearly did.

So starting early in the new year the bank is to be raised, at great relief to us. So when we received a leaflet about the planned work, myself and my neighbours were shocked to read that the bank is to be raised by all of 150cm (6in in old money). All the equipment to be brought in to raise the bank by so little. Why not make it the same height all the way along ?

A Walker,

Bankside, West Lynn