Letter: Alexandra Kemp April 3, 2018

The King's Lynn Baptist Church, South Lynn
The King's Lynn Baptist Church, South Lynn
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As the only Independent Labour county councillor, and the only councillor not in a political group at County Hall, I spoke and vote against the recent 11% increase in members’ allowances.

I will be using my increase to fund projects in the division, with an emphasis on reducing poverty, ending isolation, increasing recycling and reducing flood risk.

Since 65,000 of us in West Norfolk stopped an incinerator being built in South Lynn, we have been aware of the importance of recycling. Commercial food recycling can help reduce poverty by donating unwanted food to good causes.

I have long wanted Lynn to have a community fridge so people in need can have access to good quality food. Now this is to become a reality. I also wanted to do something about the fact that councils and the government are providing more and more service online only, disadvantaging people who cannot afford their own computer; and that there is no public library or free public access to computers in the division. South Lynn is one of the most deprived areas in England.

So I have given £600 to the trustees of South Lynn Baptist Church to buy a new community fridge, and an Ipad so residents can access public services and information free.

The new community fridge and Ipad will be free for members of the public to access, during the opening hours of the new community cafe in the recently-opened Church Community Room on Wisbech Road. Freshly-grown vegetables from local allotments will also donated to the community fridge.

The Community Cafe’s opening hours are Wednesdays 10am - 4pm; Thursdays noon-4pm; Fridays 10am-4pm.

Norfolk County Council runs free training for computer skills which residents can access by calling 0344 800 8020.