Letter: Alexandra Kemp February 23, 2018

Traffic congestion.
Traffic congestion.
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Wherever you look, successful cities such as Cambridge, Nottingham, Bristol and Madrid, are embracing smart transport schemes and improving business connectivity, quality of life, productivity and income from tourism, by ending the sort of gridlock that is stifling local trade and making Lynn a town that people no longer want to come into.

Smart cities are opening new bus-only lanes and launching demand-responsive public transport and park-and-ride, unlike the borough council which wants to place general traffic on the only bus-only lane we have, while failing to update detailed public transport modelling within the £350,000 Lynn Transport Plan. But routing traffic back onto the oldest, narrowest streets into the town centre is against the Government Air Quality Action Plan, and will not solve congestion. With 7,000 new homes on the horizon, either you improve public transport and reduce the number of cars in the town centre, or Lynn will grind to a halt. Cut out congestion with a circular-route Lynn Express Bus, Lynn Super Tram or Lynn Nifty Bus, running every 15 minutes from park-and-ride points along a 30mph Hardwick Road – at the Hardwick Retail Park, Horsley’s Fields, Nar Ouse Way – on a network of new bus-only lanes, clockwise round Lynn, filtering out traffic before it reaches the South Gate, delivering employees, shoppers and tourists through Hardings Way bus-only lane rapidly into the town centre.

Manage London Road congestion by taking traffic off London Road. Open up new bus-only lanes through Railway Road, London Road, Blackfriars Road and Guannock Terrace to take out areas that generate air pollution.

How do we pay for this? It is City Status that unlocks funding and brings City Deals from Government and so Lynn needs to seek City Status as soon as possible.

Lynn misses out on so much funding because it is not a city and comes behind Norwich and Great Yarmouth who can unlock funds we can’t. The Local Majors Fund could fund the A10 bypass, but it is Great Yarmouth that has received £98 million for the Third River Crossing. Lynn should win City Status hands down, as regional and national signficance, history and royal connections, not population size, are the new criteria.