Letter: Alisair Milner, October 24, 2014

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I have recently moved to King’s Lynn and I have found an Aladdin’s cave. If you are ever in a storm then weigh anchor at the Crown and Anchor, Ferry Lane. Run by Jolly Roger and Yvonne, it’s a crown jewel of Lynn and the only remaining riverside ale house.

Once you step inside it is like entering a deck on Nelson’s Victory . All spick and span and Bristol fashion, a chandler’s paradise and full of marine artefacts.

There are two restaurants serving excellent grog washed down by real ale. One is upstairs on a higher deck, separated by a drawbridge staircase to repel any boarders and you can enjoy a meal in the grand verandah complete with chandeliers and watch the sun going down below the yardarm.

There is even a grape vine for those who like to hear the local gossip. At the beautiful bar, handcrafted by Roger there is even somewhere to sling your hook and comfortable captain’s chairs. And there are no press gangs either!

Alisair Milner, King Street, Lynn