Letter: Andrew Massen, December 12, 2014

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I think that time is now overdue to have traffic cameras at the Deer’s Leap crossroads in South Wootton covering people jumping the lights.

I have witnessed many and personally experienced one accident at this junction.

A few years ago I was unfortunate to be a passenger in a car that was involved in a collision with another vehicle which jumped the traffic lights at this junction.

As I cycle to work and back five days a week through this junction I experience and witness many near misses.

Tonight I started to cross this junction on my bike after the red light had come on for traffic coming from Gaywood using Wootton Road. As I left the cycle path and went on to the road to cross the junction a youth in a small car coming from Gaywood swerved and almost locked his brakes as he realised that he was illegally going through a red light and almost knocking me off my bike. I was wearing a day-glow jacket with reflective 3M stripes and had working bright led lights.

Why can’t we have cameras on this notorious junction? This ‘notorious’ comment was said by the p.c. who attended our car accident years ago.

I think that it is only a matter of time before a road or pavement user is killed or seriously injured.

Andrew Massen,

by email