Letter: Andy Laughton March 27 2018

062056-275_BUS             11/5/06'First bus southbound London Road, Hilsea''PICTURE:JONATHAN BRADY     062056-275
062056-275_BUS 11/5/06'First bus southbound London Road, Hilsea''PICTURE:JONATHAN BRADY 062056-275
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This is a copy of a letter sent to First Customer Services regarding the X1 bus service written on behalf of Tilney All Saints Parish Council:

Further to our letter of February 9, I am writing on behalf of a number of parishioners who have contacted Tilney All Saints Parish Council asking for our support and help because of the continuing cuts to our village bus services. One of our parishioners is in danger of losing her job as she is no longer able to get to work because of the recent cuts to the First Group X1 service in the early morning. The parish council has already written asking for details of the consultation process which was allegedly carried out by First Customer Services South previous to these changes. We’ve not managed to find anyone in our community who was consulted. Following our requests for information we have received an automatically generated acknowledgement of our correspondence, but no answer to our requests. Half our village residents are over 65, many of these pensioners are totally reliant on the bus. Despite £27 million apparently being invested in local transport the bus services for our village are constantly being eroded making life increasingly difficult for those people who have no other means of transport. Where is the money going? When the new published timetable at our bus stop at Tilney All Saints identifies the location of the stop as being School Road, Terrington St John, which is two-and-a-half miles away, and we get no answers to any of our several inquiries, we wonder what the actual priorities of the “service” providers are. They seem to be actively encouraging cuts to our services, to be woefully ignorant of their own service and have an active policy of driving customers away, and not in the right direction.