Letter: Angela Gallivan, January 6, 2015

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Is this already a done deal? I fear that the proposed massive new development at Lynnsport is already a done deal and whatever the local community has to say will be falling on deaf ears.

It is such a shame that the green recreational space at Lynn Sport will be concreted over.

It offers much needed safe space for children to play football, cycle and in general blow off some steam and is served by many of the surrounding houses.

I can imagine how the people of London would feel if they wanted to concrete over any of their parks!

I also worry about the local infrastructure and how the residents of another 590 houses, possible 1,500 people will be accommodated into the local schools, doctors surgeries, hospitals etc which are already under enormous strain, not to mention the roads around Loke Road, Gaywood, knights Hill, Gayton Road and Wootton Road which virtually come to a standstill at certain times of the day or if we have an accident on the A149.

I have heard that some of the facilities at Lynnsport will be moved to land where they cannot build houses, due to contaminated ground.

All in all this space is extremely important to us, we work hard and pay our taxes and very much need a place to walk our dogs, feed the ducks and breath fresh air, all a small walk from our houses.

If this goes ahead and our pleas fall on deaf ears then I will have no option but withhold my vote.

Again our way of life is under threat and the people we elected are only seeing the financial gains.

I ask you to reconsider and look again at the possibilities of building on the outskirts of Lynn with proper road links and amenities, Gaywood and North Lynn will not be able to cope.

Angela Gallivan,

Wootton Road, Lynn