Letter: Anthony Jewell, November 28, 2014

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Re: McCarthy and Stone development in the centre of Hunstanton. This announcement was made by the erection of huge banners at each end of the former garage site, next to the Princess Theatre, in the middle of our town.

Proclaiming the imminent construction of a four- and- a -half storey building, intended as a retirement home, and this, despite the objections raised by many residents ,who do not see the relevance of such a block in this part of our town when there are so many alternative residential sites available.

Overwhelming refusal was lodged by both town and borough councils on grounds of the loss of visual amenities to the precious vista of trees, sky line and afternoon sunlight and fresh breezes from across The Wash, outdoor life around the spinney and newly

sculptured play area, nudged by surrounding cafes.

In addition there is the risk factor associated with any high rise development of blocking high winds , doubling their speed, and creating a vortex through the Spinney and surrounding buildings.

Nevertheless, the developers, McCarthy and Stone engineered an appeal in the far flung city of Bristol, of all places? Which necessitated the council’s legal team travelling a long distance to defend their case, at an estimated cost of £400,000 to the taxpayer.

The tribunal did grant the appeal, in spite of the extent and depth of these objections, made in the interests of retaining the amenities of our proud and much admired Victorian seaside town, as opposed to being robbed of its heritage.

On a broader issue, such decisions made against the wishes of the people, too, must call into question the relevance and standing of local politics and democracy.

The developers are now attempting to requisition half of the theatre’s car park in order to house their fleet of large equipment, site offices, mobile conveniences.

This would inevitably cause disruption, noise and air pollution, in addition to damage to pavements and roads, and potential problems for traffic flow , the whole development being estimated to take well over a year….

Our town does not need it, nor do its residents want it.

Anthony Jewell,