Letter: Arthur Lee, December 9, 2014

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I was interested to see your piece on Norfolk County Council’s plan to expand St Martha’s school.

I sometimes walk my grand-daughter to school there and it is a nightmare; cars blocking the road and the pavements and you always feel nervous that an accident is going to happen.

I’m not surprised local residents are up in arms. I think the county council should listen to them and build a bigger school somewhere else more suitable than this small housing estate.

I went along to the borough planning committee this week and was pleased that common sense prevailed and they objected to this plan.

You rightly report that several of the councillors spoke eloquently on the issue and well done them, especially Geoffrey Wareham.

I feel that councillor Gary Howman also deserves a mention as it was only due to him that the matter went in front of this committee and he turned up to speak alongside the residents.

Arthur Lee,

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