Letter: Arthur Phillips, December 23, 2014

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I have a lot of sympathy with John Lockwood and how he was treated over the theft of his scooter.

My scooter was stolen from outside my home in North Lynn several years ago. When the police found it they rang me up and told me it had been found – via the DVLA – in Ipswich. I asked them to give me the address so I could recover it, they said that they couldn’t do that but an officer would recover it for me. The next time I rang I was told that the officer had moved to Swaffham police. I called Swaffham and they hadn’t heard of him, so I called Lynn back and they said that this officer was the only one dealing that knew any of the details by which time I had lost my crime reference numbers and with them pleading they knew nothing that the elusive officer, I just gave up.

My scooter was worth around £900, much more expensive than John’s, and was only insured for third party, not fire and theft.

Why don’t the police act in the interest of the victim in these situations?

The phrase “the law is an ass” springs to mind.

Police have to take a pledge to uphold the laws of this country when they join, since when did this include treating victims of crime in such a disrespectful way?

Arthur Phillips,

North Lynn