Letter: Brian Baylis April 3, 2018

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The front page headlines of Tuesday’s Lynn News made me laugh. We have to have a hole lot more patience for the repair of what must be millions of potholes on our roads and not just in Norfolk.

Three years ago, I reported “Pothole Alley” as I now call it along the A10 in Cambridgeshire where there is very little decent road conditions. I was assured it was inspected every six weeks and found to be 100% safe to drive on.

At times I have since seen large vehicles leaning somewhat precariously as if they are going to topple, because the surface is so uneven. It wasn’t so long back when a tanker went off the same stretch of road, overturning into a field. Not one report was seen in the newspaper for the area concerned, nor has the surface been levelled up in order to prevent it happening again.

Like seeing police patrolling in Downham area again, I daresay it will be a few decades before we get our potholes and resurfacing sorted.