Letter: Brian Baylis February 16, 2018

RAF Marham.
RAF Marham.
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I am writing in reply to a letter from Steve Mackinder in Friday’s Lynn News regarding jets from RAF Marham and the continual noise he too puts up with.

We are also on one of their deafening flight paths. As I was told by the previous camp commander, aircraft can’t turn until well up in the sky, which I know different, having flown in aircraft and helicopters years ago. If it isn’t them, then it is jets of the USAF practising dog-fighting, until given a ‘target’ to attack. I was told about the USAF jets by Marham’s commander.

People have often said I knew about the bases when I moved here, which I do not deny, but back in the late 1960s I not only lived in the village, but also worked on the base AT Marham when Victor tankers were based there and we had less than half of the noise we have to put up with. We were lucky if we even heard a Victor take off. Then they headed out towards Thetford, not Denver or Wimbotsham. So is there now a two-way system in the skies that is over Denver or Wimbotsham? They are not allowed to fly over royal residences, so why over villages? Before anybody suggests moving away, we love the village so why should we, when aircraft can fly other ways?