Letter: Brian Baylis January 9, 2018

Roadworks in Lynn Road, Downham.
Roadworks in Lynn Road, Downham.
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Over the last few weeks you have kept readers informed about the current roadworks on the A47 Lynn bypass.

But what about the situation in Lynn Road, Downham, which has been in place for six weeks now with no sign of the matter being dealt with? The location of the roadworks is close to the sports field.

Sometime ago, I reported to Norfolk County Highways Department about the surface around there being in some urgent need of sorting due to potholes and sunken drain-covers and was assured it would be dealt with, but not when. Like a serious pothole that was at the junction with Lynn Road, Wimbotsham, and the A10, turning towards London, it was bad for several months, yet deemed 100 per cent safe by the so-called inspections said to be carried out every six weeks.

Like the severe lack of police patrols in the Downham area that are supposed to take place, but don’t. We have a severe lack of repairs to the road surfaces here, yet are paying through the nose for them.