Letter: Brian Baylis March 2, 2018

Launch of new trains at King's Lynn Railway Station
Launch of new trains at King's Lynn Railway Station
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Some three years ago, my wife and I were expected to live on just £166.07 per week pension, while our MPs claimed their already super-sized salaries, plus expenses.

Then last year, they awarded themselves yet another large pay increase. Our MP Liz Truss three years ago, claimed she could live comfortably on what we were getting, so through a national daily newspaper, I challenged Ms Truss personally, to prove her words and for at least six months, but this was totally ignored. Now we are finally a little better off per week, yet I am still waiting for Ms Truss to prove she can live comfortably on the same as we get. She never will, as it simply can’t be done and she knows this to be true.

In the Lynn News ,Friday February 23, she is ranting about Network Rail not extending some platforms on the Lynn line, in order to take longer trains that she doesn’t use, at least to my knowledge. If she does, how many does she catch in a day and how is her fare paid for?

I know the answer to this is that her fare is paid for by the taxpayers using a travel warrant, as does any MP, if they ever use them. Having worked on the railway, I know these platform works simply can’t be carried out overnight, as she seems to be expecting, so she should learn to live with the fact and refrain from being so petty.