Letter: Brian Baylis October 17, 2017

Bus interior.
Bus interior.
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I am writing in response to the first letter in the Lynn News, October 10, from Miss Caroline Preston about buses tearing along roads.

I have a free bus pass, but refuse to use it where Stagecoach and many other companies are concerned as, like Miss Preston, I know they race along as if in their cars, giving very little thought to passengers and other road users. I even have a personal experience of one when driving into Wisbech recently. That same driver failed to consider speed limit, passengers, or other road users.

We followed him to Horsefair, where I confronted him about his manner. Yes, I have been caught speeding and paid the fine, and carry the ticket to this day.

I daresay the driver is fully aware that in Wisbech, the police are as rare as in Downham with no patrols taking place as was claimed by the then Commissioner Stephen Betts two years ago.