Letter: Bryan Howling February 9, 2018

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I would refer to the anonymous letter in your publication of January 30, “Backlash has become nasty”.

Perhaps your writer is not in tune with the majority of local residents who are rightly concerned with the proliferation of housing in the village of Terrington St Clement. The comment that the surrounding villages must not be expected to house our residents’ offspring’s is a somewhat exaggerated comment.

The village has expanded beyond recognition from its size and population at the end of the last war. The village is two thirds larger since 1947 and I would suggest that we have taken our share of new dwellings in that time. The most recent development plan was for 50 new dwellings in the village. Over fifty have been built recently at Hillgate Street and provision is also projected for ten in the centre of the village. That makes 60 plus in the last year and that was meant to be for the next 15 years! The further development which has caused concern is for 44, which is nearly 100 per cent over and above the original. One could also beg the question as to who will live in these new houses and I would guess not very many will be from the local village families. This recent addition to our village will be on Class 1 agricultural land and does not seem to be taken into account by those charged with granting planning permissions these days. I was born and bred in Terrington St Clement and I write from many years of experience as a parish councillor for 47 years, a borough councillor for 20 years and school governor for 42 years. I also worked in the village in farming for the first 16 years of my working life and have devoted a great deal of my voluntary time to parish affairs. Now in my dotage, I am still working with a colleague on transcribing village records that we will leave to add to our historic information for future generations. There is a great deal that your anonymous contributor may think they know about the village, which may at best fill a book, but what they don’t know would fill a library.