Letter: Chris Kerry November 14, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn in Newark.
Jeremy Corbyn in Newark.
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So Jo Rust, Letters, Lynn News, November 7, took up my suggestion to google J. Corbyn and “didn’t find anything that made her think he’s not suited to run the country”. What did she Google? The Morning Star and called a halt to her research?

Let’s start with his own party. In June 2016 the Labour MPs passed an overwhelming vote of no confidence 172 to 40. A great result forJo’s idea of a potential PM. In 1982 he opposed the expulsion of militant tendency from the Labour Party!

In 2015 he said “The Morning Star is the most precious and only voice we have in the daily media.”

In 1984 Corbyn and his crony Red Ken Livingstone invited two convicted members of the Provisional IRA and other members of Sinn Fein plus Gerry Adams to Westminster. The meeting took place three weeks “after” the Brighton bombing which killed five innocent people, maiming many others. In the early 1990s MI5 opened a file on him because of his IRA links.

The Met Police special branch monitored him for years because they thought he was undermining our democracy.

The above are just a few snippets of masses of information available about Corbyn that Jo Rust and the other lefties should consider before singing his praises.