Letter: Chris Kerry, November 25, 2014

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Jo Rust states “that it’s because West Norfolk is so deep blue as not to warrant investment in our roads and infrastructure”.

Couldn’t it be argued that in 13 years of a Labour Government we didn’t get investment either, but, they poured money “up North” to appease their Labour strongholds?

In 2012 Jo Rust put herself forward as a prospective Labour Candidate for Norwich North.

So why is she moaning about the inequality between West Norfolk and Norwich? If she had been elected was she not going to defend the people of Norwich and monies they received for their infrastructure and roads? Or fight to reduce money Norwich was receiving and give to West Norfolk?

The question also needs to asked and clarified, if Jo becomes MP for West Norfolk where does her loyalties lie? With her union chums when they call ridiculous strikes and cause mayhem with the public or the good people of West Norfolk?

Chris Kerry,

King’s Lynn