Letter: Chris Kerry, November 7, 2014

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Once again we read Jo Rust’s socialist diatribe... the usual left-wing clap trap, with her trying to make “a them and us” society in our wonderful country.

She uses the term “ real world” no less than seven times. It has overtaken her other favourite “ordinary people”. Well here are some real facts from an ordinary person.

The salary of an MP is £67,000 plus expenses. The PM’s salary is £142,000 plus expenses. They pay tax on this ,quite a lump at the higher rate. Around 40 trade union leaders ( Jo’s idols and major contributors to the Labour Party ) get far in excess of this and many more even more than PM. Plus grace and favour homes and superb pensions that “ordinary people” dream of. Hypocrites or what! Across the Channel, the socialist government of France is in dire financial straits. They have unemployment of 10 per cent-plus (young people even higher) and that’s with trying to manipulate figures with even more state employment. The French living in London is approaching 300,000. I wonder why?

Jo’s mob will follow France’s example, ie tax and spend, and away we go with another economy ruined.

I am fortunate to have many friends from a broad spectrum of West Norfolk (some of socialist bent). Without exception they agree Labour made a complete hash of the economy. If we all want the things that Jo wants, ie higher wages, people in work, and continuation and more funding for our marvellous health service, then we need to help pay for it?

This can be done by not tax and spend but encouraging the go-getters,entrepreneurs, and the wealth creators.

These people drive the economy and get people working – more people working means more tax revenue. Messrs Miliband and Balls still have no viable policy for reducing the huge deficit they created.

A question for Jo. What’s her ideas for solving the economic crisis, and how will they find the money she wants to throw at the public sector?

In 2015 we have a choice. Jo’s way. Or the Right way!

Chris Kerry, Castle Rising