Letter: Chris Smith January 16

the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.
the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.
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In response to Mr Sewell (Letters, Lynn News, January 9) I for one would love the pier to be reinstated in Hunstanton.

A great injustice was allowed to happen by our borough councillors 40 years ago and it still hurts. l think I’m right in saying the pier company today still only pay £1 a year rent. How can this be? With regards to the railway, what is wrong with wanting it brought back? It should never have been taken from us. lt would help our young people travel to job , take traffic off our overcrowded roads, bring people and business to our town and create jobs . Maybe it’s time for the borough councillors to back these ideas and put right what went wrong in the past. The MPs and the councillors are now saying “Love West Norfolk” so prove it. Back these good people who have a vision and a dream to give Hunstanton back what it’s lost.