Letter: Christine hall, November 28, 2014

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With reference to “Anger at county’s new vote on waste disposal” (Lynn News, November 21), I feel sure there will be a lot of people who are absolutely gobsmacked by this.

You have to wonder what goes on in the minds of some of these councillors. Have they learnt nothing in the last few years?

After three failed attempts, do they not realise that incineration is even more outdated now than it was last year ?

The Martin Wilby attempt – aided by Bill Borrett, Tony White and others – to have the words “The council WOULD NOT consider an incinerator in Norfolk” removed from the Waste Strategy, at a meeting of the Waste Advisory Group, is verging on political suicide. Do they really think the 65,000 thousand plus people who opposed an incinerator last time around are going to sit back and say “OK, we’ve changed our minds and we’ll let you waste thousands of pounds of tax-payers money again”? Dream on ... Let’s hope that John Dobson’s ‘motion’ to keep this paragraph in is given full council support and puts an end to this ridiculous


We are all aware that the land at Saddlebow has not yet been sold by the council – despite offers from West Norfolk Council. Why? Could it be possible that some councillors (those still living in cloud cuckoo land!) think perhaps the opportunity would arise to sell this land to Cory Wheelabrator at a later date? (Depending, of course, on Mr. Pickles ultimate judgment). If so, what would they propose to burn there?

Norfolk’s waste is being recycled much more efficiently these days so the only substantial amounts of waste an incinerator plant could take would have to be commercial and industrial – the really dirty, toxic stuff which could be imported from anywhere in the country!

No thanks Wilby, Borrett, White and others – resign now as you are failing to support the people. Again!

Christine Hall,

School Road, St Germans