Letter: Christmas is coming - too soon!

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This is a rant – were I writing it on paper it would be in green ink. You see, I HATE Christmas. We’re not supposed to say that, are we?

What I hate even more is the fact that it starts ever earlier each year; hardly have the trophies been handed over at the end of Wimbledon fortnight, than the retailers are itching to get their grubby little hands on your money (yours, I refuse to play the game). By the beginning of the school term, the wretched cards that have caused so many trees to be cut down are well established, the subtle introduction of large selection boxes start appearing on the supermarket shelves and, before that other greed-fest, Halloween, is out of the way, the shops are already sporting Christmas trees and the lights are up in Norfolk Street (this on a stunningly beautiful late summer day). I am sure that the pagans, when celebrating their winter festival, would not have considered starting it when they were still in the run-down to autumn. As for Jesus, a man who clearly did a little good in his life: well I could weep for him.

Why don’t we just have the wretched thing all year round, then it would save having to take the decorations down for just a few months. Whilst we are at it, why don’t we ‘celebrate’ Easter all year round, with fluffy chickens and kitch chocolate on the shelves all year. Oh yes; I think that was at one time something to do with Jesus as well?

This is from a non-Christian who just happens to have a lot of respect for a good man.

Diane Lines,

King’s Lynn