Letter: CJ Truman October 6, 2017

The Walks. Kings Lynn Town Football Club ground
The Walks. Kings Lynn Town Football Club ground
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I am absolutely staggered at the sheer arrogance of the chairman Stephen Cleeve. Does he expect 24-hour MI5 protection for his precious football ground?

Oh dear, he’s had to pay for security out of his profits, so what? None of us get round-the-clock police protection. We don’t even have a beat cop in the town centre any more!

With Theresa May making it abundantly clear that there will be no more money for Norfolk police services, what are we all to do about our safety let alone some lowly football club?

Want a secure building? Employ security guards. As for the wooden structure, why not take your profits and make it safe for the paying punters?

Mr Chapman never had this attitude.