Letter: D Ellen, December 12, 2014

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I read with interest of John Lockwood who was asked to pay £150 to recover his stolen moped from the police pound.

My son had his new scooter stolen. He lives in Oxford and the scooter stood on his drive. The police knocked at the door at 12.30am to ask if he owned the white scooter. The scooter was found down the road, they had traced my son by the numberplate, but when my son said he would collect it, the armed policeman told him not to worry they would see to it. A letter was then received from the police stating the scooter was in the police pound and he would have to pay £150.00 to retrieve it. The letter stated he would have to pay £10 for every day it was not collected and at the end of a week would be scrapped or sold.

Mr Lockwood said he felt like a victim twice and I don’t blame him, this is disgusting and yet another way of getting money out of the general public. Why isn’t the perpetrator made to pay? Why the victim?

D Ellen,

by email