Letter: Darren Naughton, November 14, 2014

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In response to Chris Kerry’s recent letter I would like to ask him/her to reacquaint himself/herself with a dictionary and a history book.

Personally attacking Jo Rust and accusing her of inflicting a ‘diatribe’ is as hypocritical as it is comedy genius.

As for apportioning the blame of the current economy to the seemingly influential Mrs Rust and the Labour Party then I suggest one looks back several years further to when the seeds were sown by the Thatcher regime.

Perhaps ‘ordinary people’ should leave their ivory tower once in a while rather than quote Daily Mail statistics?

There is indeed a ‘real world’ out there and it doesn’t drink macchiato. Nor does it reside in Castle Rising.

Darren Naugton,

Oak Circle, Gaywood