Letter: Dave Dennis, november 7, 2014

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I attended an interesting meeting on Monday, with local FBU members and I learnt the truth about our brave firefighters who are fighting for a fair hearing about their problems, which includes conditions and pensions.

Unlike an MP, who only has to be in post for two terms, a fire fighter has to pay into their pension pot all their working life, but while they were promised access at 55, the proposed changes mean they risk having to wait until they’re of state pension age if they lose their job, because the ageing process meant they lost their job because their standard of fitness dropped.

You may well say they should be able to get a job? Unlike our MPs whose place on some conglomerate board will be ready and waiting, jobs are not readily available for people who have to retire early.

Compare that to the recent suggestion that we the public/electorate should be able to “sack” incompetent MPs? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?

I am absolutely amazed at all the false counter claims that some of the media and the vast amount of the opinionated uninformed wish to peddle against this brave group of public servants why.

During this difficult time with the fire fighters trying to negotiate their claims I was asked to contact my MP to sign an early day motion which is designed to get all parties back and talking about the situation.

There I have a problem, my MP Elizabeth Truss made it abundantly clear to me that she would NEVER sign an early day motion.

What that translates to, in my opinion, is that no matter the reason she will not support members of her electorate in their time of need? So does that mean she finds her career more important than her electorate?

You may well ask what Henry Bellingham is doing to help. Well he is trying to justify his “extra out of parliamentary earnings” saying it keeps him in touch? Come on Henry that only illustrates just how far out of touch you are.

Dave Dennis,

Vice-chairman, King’s Lynn Trades Council