Letter: David Fleming, December 12, 2014

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This Christmas marks the 35th anniversary of the Pink Floyd No 1 hit Another Brick in the Wall.

A couple of months ago in these columns I wrote a satirical slogan ‘Vote Labour for a better edukashun’. On reflection I was wrong by failing to extend it to the all the main political parties. Whichever Government has been in power since the 60s the education establishment has abandoned academic acumen in preference to ideology and pupil statistics. The chattering educationalists have devised a teaching environment where school leavers are going into the wide world brainwashed in the ‘isms’, the ‘ologies’, equality and global warning by egalitarian trained teachers, the majority of whom are disseminating syllabuses against their natural instincts, all of which is at the expense of the 3 Rs. There is parent apathy as many of them are products of 70s and 80s progressive education.

Consider these lines from Another Brick in the Wall: We don’t need no education/ We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom, Teachers leave those kids alone.

Despite the double negatives, which were probably written for a reason, there is a poignant message. Was the song writer a visionary on where education was heading for?

At the 2015 General Election the electorate will hardly be spoiled for choice with the main party policies on education. Mr Hobson gives us the options from the following Pink Floyd song/album titles.

See Emily Play: The Conservative Prime Minister removed Michael Gove, MP for being efficient and reformist, to be replaced by a PC Ms Morgan, MP.

Dark Side of the Moon: The Labour Party mushrooms this policy very well and leaves us all in the dark.

Marooned: The Liberal Democrats are currently stranded with 6 per cent in the opinion polls.

Brain Damage: Vote Official Monster Raving Loony Party!

David Fleming,

Paradise Court, Downham