Letter: David Franklin, December 19, 2014

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In view of the unsuitability of Marsh Lane why was planning permission granted on 1st October 2014 for 24 new homes on the AJS site and 14 on the Marsh House site?

According to representatives from Lovell’s, and confirmed when questioned by Dale Gagen for WNBC, only three weeks ago Highways decided that the Marsh Lane Estate would be closed off with bollards stopping all residents of the Marsh Lane Estate from accessing Wootton Road, and hence Gaywood, via Marsh Lane.

Lovell’s are not amused as the plans they displayed on Thursday were out of date due to the Highways demand for a new road layout forcing all residents of Marsh Lane Estate via Aconite Road through the new housing development, known currently as site 1 Lynnsport, and on to the new link road where the driver can go either via Edward Benefer Way or Greenpark Avenue.

No consideration has been given to the impact this decision will have on the lovely couple who have spent years building up an excellent community corner shop in Marsh Lane.

They depend on passing trade from those living in the 240 houses who will no longer drive past their shop on the way to work, school etc?

Sam and Tina live on the Marsh Lane Estate and are valued members of our community to take away a large proportion of their customers is not right at all. Traders in Gaywood also stand to face a negative impact from this decision.

I will not drive up to the bypass then down Wootton Road to go to Gaywood when Asda, Knights Hill Farm Shop or town is more convenient and cheaper in fuel terms, to access for my shopping.

Sorry Tesco, Bowers, Aldi, Denny’s, Top Chef and Lowes House!

As a retired person, needing no access to Gaywood schools, other than changing my shopping habits this change will have little personal impact.

However, that can’t be said for most residents of Marsh Lane Estate, who face an increase in vehicle fuel bills and long frustrating journeys along the entire length of either Wootton Road or Gaywood Road at peak times of day.

Unless, of course, they rat run through Mill Lane or South Wootton Lane via the Grange Estate!

To add insult to injury Ironically I gather the 38 new homes to be built on Marsh Lane, granted consent 1st October 2014, will not be banned from Marsh Lane for access it only bans all the existing residents of the Marsh Lane Estate!

David Franklin.

Grey Sedge, Marsh Lane Estate, King’s Lynn