Letter: David Newman, December 12, 2014

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I was pleased to see three responses to my letter all of which unsurprisingly were in disagreement.

As a frequent writer to this excellent newspaper I can dish out criticism but I can also take it on the chin!

I have to withdraw my attack on the Civic Society , accusing it of the feeble protest against the McCarthy and Stone development.

The chairman Andrew Murray took the trouble to write to me with a copy of the strongly worded letter to the planning officer. I had to agree that there was little else he could do as far as writing letters is concerned

My accusation of feeble protest still stands however. It is a matter of to whom should it be addressed to?

When people see this multi-storey complex appearing in front of the sea , there will be an almighty demand to know who allowed it to happen!

All councillors should get together and agree to a plan of action . Delaying tactics such as refusing to allow car parks for storage of machinery would be a start .This is not merely a planning issue it is potentially a complete

disaster and must be stopped.

David Newman,