Letter: Dawn Lanchester, January 9, 2015

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Late on Sunday night I arrived back in King’s Lynn following a journey back from St Albans.

During the journey my exhaust started to make very loud noises and driving down Wisbech Road, King’s Lynn, the “humps” must have been the last straw, and there were loud clatters from under the car. I stopped to see if anything had fallen off, and stood there looking rather pathetic when a police 4x4 pulled up beside me. The policeman/pso asked if I had a problem and when I explained he promptly lay on the very frosty road and slid under the car, said that the back box of the exhaust had come adrift and detached it for me. He then went on his way before I really had time to thank him or get his name/ number.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and wish him a very happy and successful New Year.

Yes our police really are wonderful.

Dawn Lanchester,

Bishops Park, King’s Lynn