Letter: Dick Melton December 22, 2017

the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.
the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.
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As you drive out of Hunstanton along the A149 towards Heacham, halfway down Redgate Hill on your left is a new road sign saying Heacham.

But in fact you are not in Heacham until you get to the new Butterfields roundabout. the Hunstanton boundary ends just before you get to the old river bed at the bottom of the hill, then for about 50 yeards you are in the parish of Ringstead Parva and you are in Heacham when you get to the new roundabout. Coming down Redgate Hill opposite the new sign are some bungalows and a house that at one time was the old isolation hospital, this house and the bungalows are in the Hunstanton postcode PE36. When you get to the roundabout you are then in the postcode of PE31, which is the code for Heacham. Under the provision of the Norfolk (New Hunstanton Urban District) Confirmation Order 1925, which came into operation on April 1, 1925, 200 acres of land in the parish of Heacham was added to the urban district and parish of Hunstanton. It now looks like Heacham is trying to get some of its land back. This new sign needs to be moved back to near the new Butterfields roundabout in Heacham.