Letter: Dick Melton January 5, 2018

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I had a good Christmas but now I am having a very bad day having just read in the Lynn News that Dersingham elementary school (mixed) is to be knocked down.

But why? We all know it is a bad corner exiting Doddshill Road, so just knock a bit off the corner, not the whole school.

Dersingham ‘bottom school’, as most people called it, was built in 1870 or there about, and it was extended as the village grew in 1875, 1891 and again in 1904.

My father, his brothers and sisters, my cousins and hundreds of people from Dersingham went there.

I went there from 1945 until 1950, then I went to St George’s, or the ‘top school’, as we called it.

Some of my memories from the ‘bottom school’ are the large horse chestnut tree in the middle of the playground, breaking the ice on milk bottles, going through the fate at the top of the playground to slide down on the ice at the Emblems pond in winter and also the veg garden that us boys used to tend.

Let’s hope that common sense prevails and that the powers that be at least leave some of our dear old school or best of all, leave it all there where it has been for nearly 150 years and plant another conker tree in the old school yard.