Letter: Don Bristo February 2, 2018

Gayton - Village Sign
Gayton - Village Sign
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My family’s 40-year stay in Harlow, Essex, was occasionally enlivened by the need to request the local council to clear a blockage in a common lateral foul water drain. Invariably the culprit was a plastic encased baby’s nappy.

On our retirement 20 years ago, my wife and I opted for a house in Gayton, fully convinced that our sewage problems were a thing of the past since it was on a new estate. Yes, you’ve guessed it!

Along with many residents of other villages we are unable to use a toilet etc during immoderate rainfalls due to the apparent inability of the pumping station to cope with the ingress of extra surface water, thus causing the public sewer to back up into customers’ lateral drains. A long running campaign to get Anglian Water to effect a permanent solution continues.

In their defence, Anglian Water state that such problems are exacerbated by their pumps being disabled due to thoughtless customers using the sewage system as a convenient dumping ground for wet wipes, sanitary products, contraceptives and, presumably, baby’s nappies. I think this is where we came in!

Apparently, not for the first time, there are plans to appeal to users to cease such inconsiderate activity. Do you think that it will succeed this time?