Letter: Dr J Wigdahl January 9, 2018

A Great Northern train at King's Lynn Railway Station
A Great Northern train at King's Lynn Railway Station
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The management of the railways in the UK appears difficult for the average passenger to understand, myself included.

The system is allegedly privatised into 20-plus odd companies running the trains and charging the passengers susbstantial fares for using the system. However the maintenance of the tracks and infrastructure is in the hands of the publically owned National Rail company. To compound this odd set up, profits are paid by the train companies to shareholders. The other strange fact is that vast amounts of subsidy paid by the government seems to go to the Londoncentric schemes. How much is paid to the rest of the UK in comparison?

Coming now to East Anglia there are proposals to redouble the line from Lynn to Ely, to remodel Ely North junctions, to lengthen platforms to Cambridge, to give us a half-hourly service to London and hopefully to restore the trolley buffet service. The management loves to talk about these improvements but nothing happens and there is talk of adding 14 minutes to the journey time of Lynn to London. Advertisements for reduced rail card fares, a third off, ignore the fact cards actually cost £30.

Finally, it seems that rolling stock has to be repainted with montonous regularity, which is very expensive.