Letter: E Wheatley December 12, 2017

the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.
the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.
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Councillor Beales is promoting moving Hunstanton Library as a matter of improving the availability of good literature. Don’t be fooled!

It is my opinion the council is less interested in reading than in profits – freeing up the site so it can be sold for yet another housing development with the concomitant benefit to the council in terms of capital and council tax income.

Yes, even more houses without an increase in medical facilities – of particular importance as many of the homes will go to retirees and as we know, it is we old ’uns who need the most medical care.

This is yet another example of the lack of co-ordination in our public services. No further housing should be allowed until increased health and social care are in place to accommodate the extra demand.

We are supposed be pacified by promises of “affordable” housing.

Just what does “affordable” mean? Well, it doesn’t mean council houses, or really low rents and mortgages; and no mention of large deposits which are what deny most first-time buyers homes.

So, when you are trying to find a parking place, or sitting in a jam on the A149, or trying to get a doctor’s appointment, remember the councillors we elect are supposed to represent our views and put them into practice.

How many of you want even more housing in Hunstanton? And as for so-called public consultations they are just PR exercises – the only consultation that counts is the one that’s held on election day.