Letter: E Wheatley November 21, 2017

Have your say

No doubt Ann Bolton would include me on her list of regular ranters, however I completely understand her point of view and really do try to say something fresh in my responses to those who regularly attack me and my views.

Unfortunately being tediously repetitious is of course a major weapon in some cases. Repeating the same policy in interview after interview was a technique employed by Mrs Thatcher with some success. The intention of these demagogues is the same – to numb our brains and imagination down to the level of their playing field. To bore us into submission.

I, on the other hand, worked in the lower echelons of a world where one was only as good as one’s last idea. “Living by your wits” was how a colleague described the trade, the stars of which ranged from Sophocles to our very own, William Shakespeare.

But although repetition is anathema to me I cannot leave the field clear for those with whom I fundamentally disagree to triumphantly parade their views.

However I have to reassure her the suggestion that the arguments be conducted behind closed doors is already under way. A regular contributor to these pages has also had a go at me in the relative privacy of Facebook. Unfortunately this medium requires him to include a pictorial representation and whether the one he used was of himself or the world’s greatest poser I’m not sure. But it certainly confirmed that I cannot take him seriously enough to respond.

I think the Lynn News website might be a good venue to conduct these discussions without boring the general reader. I have occasionally done this and will continue to do so.