Letter: Edward Wheatley April 10, 2018

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It seems unfair that Mr Mackinder accuses Mrs Jo Rust of offering no solutions to the housing problem while offering none himself.

I respect the views of Mrs Rust. I don’t know her but I’d like to think that given half a chance she would swop the Prosecco for a glass of brown ale and become a proper old-fashioned Labour candidate in the tradition of Ernie Bevin and Nye Bevan – caring for the working classes and reversing the worst aspects of Thatcherism.

In which case her answer to the housing problem could be to improve the supply side by making “buy to rent” less profitable by bringing in rent controls, longer legal tenures: restrictions on the number of tenants in homes in multiple occupation and enforcing responsibilities on landlords to maintain properties in a decent condition.

Above all permitting building of council houses which would only be available for rent as was the case 50 years ago.

On the demand side , obviously repatriate all illegal immigrants, together with those convicted of crimes and drastically reduce immigration to at the most a few thousand necessary skilled workers. Unfortunately Mrs Rust and the Labour Party seem more concerned with political correctness than advocating measures that might actually alleviate the problem.