Letter: Edward Wheatley, December 12, 2104

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I disagree with Mr Roger Swinburn (Letters, December 5). The Lynn News is at the best I have known it in well over 10 years.

Even the Tuesday edition – once little more than an “ad mag” – is now a lively paper well worth its cover price. As an apostate of the Old Labour left I couldn’t be more opposed to Mrs Rust’s New liberal-elitist Labour party, but I am still pleased to hear that in between sipping prosecco and munching guacamole sarnies she pursues real Labour activities.

I disagree with James Boddy. His description of the impact of mass immigration on this country and his astonishingly inaccurate account of the benefits it is supposed to bring to the indigenous English: coupled to his rose-tinted view of internationalism: conveys all the smug arrogance epitomised by the Lib-Dems and the broadcast media. He describes immigration as “not particularly serious...” How patronising to all of us who are vigorously opposed. Does he not realise that all the problems he himself lists in employment, housing, health, and education (not to mention the demise of English culture and civil society) can be assigned to the disaster of mass immigration.

I disagree with Paul Firmage. Whilst I am inclined to agree that most strikes can be justified, my experience is very few have achieved anything. Sadly, this is particularly true in the public sector where it is not the management who are put out, nor the fat cat quango bosses, nor yet the politicians. It is the public who suffer. Workers need a more sophisticated and effective weapon to achieve their ends. Cutting off the public’s noses to spite the management’s face is not it.

I agree with John Martin. The second-division politicians in local government do seem to be emulating those at Westminster in their disregard for their constituents’ views. This situation could be improved if regular referendums on local matters were introduced. (Something like the Swiss system.) There is already legislation in place and the policy could be cheap and simple to run using telephones and the internet. Of course democracy is the last thing any politician wants so getting them to vote for such a change brings to mind the old saying about turkeys and Christmas.

Meanwhile let us hope that those in the local media do not join the BBC and Channel 4 in the cosy cosmopolitan communicators club but go on holding our local politicians to account as the Lynn News currently does.

Edward Wheatley,