Letter: Edward Wheatley, November 21, 2014

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I know I’m not alone in thinking the governance of our country would also be much improved if all MPs had some experience of “real life”. Which is why I think the minimum age for MPs should be at least 40. This would then hopefully make unviable the current easy ride up the slippery pole student activist, job in Central Office, Parliamentary researcher, MP, minister.

The MPs’ claim that having extra-parliamentary jobs makes up for their deficiency in experience doesn’t hold water. Running a quango is not a real job, any more than a seat on a company board where they seem to be peddling influence and access rather than enacting particular management skills.

As to Mr Bellingham – who is a good “constituency man” – I’d be much happier if his additional work was in this area or at least in the UK, not for some obscure overseas outfits. Still he might well be happy with any income to supplement his parliamentary pay-off after next May.

Edward Wheatley